We are Dedicated to Helping You Mobilize All Your Patients


Ecmo Patients are known to benefit from mobility but there are many barriers with their sever pain and many lines and drains.


After a period of Immobilization if individual attempts to sit or stand there is a marked pooling of blood in the lower extremities causing a decrease in circulating blood volume


Tilting the patient improves lung function and the ability to clear the lungs of mucus.


Transplant patients sometimes wait a long time for surgery and have a tough time recovering making mobility sometimes hard.  


Prolonged Immobility has significant and long-term negative health consequences in physical psychomotor and quality of life domains.


Covid Patients Suffer in so many ways that being upright helps.  We expect the Long Term effects to be substantial.  Studies are showing promise so far. 


Available in the United States, Germany and Many More


Available Wordwide

New Solutions 

We've been listening to you.  You want to use the Total Lift Bed on more patients so you need more features. 

Total Drive™

Move the Total Lift Bed around your facility with ease and simplicity.  New Patented  Floating Technology is cutting edge. 

Nurse Call/Patient Exit

Integrated into your central nursing system, we now have Nurse call and Bed Exit Alarm 


More flexibility during PT Time and can transition to lifts. 

Under Bed Lights 

Light the floor under your Total Lift Bed with the new under bed lights. 

More Matresses 

Low Air Loss, Alternating Pressure, Rotation, Pulsation, Auto Adjust.  Percussion coming soon. 



Which of my Patients Wouldn't Benefit from The Total Lift Bed?

Ask Yourself...

Share your stories 

Eventhough we are growing fast and our technology is used in many of the world's most prestigious hospitals, it's still not the standard of care for most.  Please share your clinical success stories with the world so all patients can be mobile.  

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