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Total Lift Bed Ards


The healing process for patients with large and severe burns is often extremely complex and timely.


Mobility is often delayed due to strict wound healing protocols and protection of graft sites. Patients also have limited activity tolerance due to severe pain with mobility as healing tissues are stretched and moved and shearing that often occurs with traditional bed mobility.

Additionally, patients can have orthostatic intolerance due to vasoplegia from prolonged immobility as well as large volume shifts due to inflammation and fluid imbalances that occur with severe and extensive burns.

The total lift bed offers upright standing and weight bearing activities while keeping the patient in the same linear plane which helps to prevent painful stretching to healing tissues.

This can also be beneficial in improving upright orthostatic intolerance as the angle of verticalization can be titrated directly to the patient’s tolerance multiple times per day without time consuming transfers and the multiple caregivers needed to transfer to a tilt table, which are traditionally used.