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All About Us

VitalGo is comprised of both engineers and business executives who believe that functionality must come hand in hand with quality. 

All designs and final products are judged against the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring that every VitalGo product delivers the maximum levels of safety, comfort, functionality and reliability. 

At VitalGo, we are convinced that working to the highest standards is the only way; and every member of our team is proud to stand behind every one of our products.

Our Vision

A Company You Can Depend On

To become a global leader in innovative medical device development with a distribution network of the worlds most respected and well known companies.

Futuristic Tunnel

"Although we believe our technology is unrivaled today we are just beginning in the market and have a long way to go.  We appreciate your support and look forward to a long lasting, healthy and successful relationship with our customers and partners."

Jarett Armstrong -VP of Global Business Development 

Contact VitalGo

3315 Commerce Pkwy

Miramar, FL 33025


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