Studies, Success Stories & QI Projects

  • Does Physical Therapy Matter Among Heart Transplant Recipients While on Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps in the Pretransplant Period?

    University of Texas

  • Physical Therapy in Successful Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Bridge to Orthotopic Heart Transplantation

    Stanford University

  • VA-ECLS Mobility to Improve Surgical Outcomes 

    University of Washington

  • Stanford Use of Total Lift Bed with ECMO Patients.  Clinical Review by Margaret Arnold 

    Stanford University

  • Efficacy of the Adherence to an Evidence-Based Early Mobilization Protocol on Patient Outcomes Post Thoracic Surgery

    University of Kentucky

  • Carolinas Specialty Hospital Evaluates the Total Lift Bed™ in Their Mobility Program

    Carolinas Specialty


  • Homestead Hospital Case study

    Homestead Hospital 

  • Neurological Patients can be Safely Treated on The Total Lift Bed 

    Bay City Hospital

  • Burn Patient Experience a "Miracle Recovery" on Total Lift Bed says Doctor.

    Telo Shamir Hospital

  • Is the Total Lift Bed Safe to Use and Feasible to Use with Critically Ill Patients in the ICU?

    Wake Forest

Sheba Medical Center 

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Homestead Hospital 

Customer Quotes