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TLB Accessories 


Total Drive™

Move the Total Lift Bed around your facility with ease and simplicity.  New Patented  Floating Technology is cutting edge. 


Under Bed Lights

Light the floor under your Total Lift Bed with the new under bed lights.


Pulsation/Turning Mattress



Trapeze Bar

Trapeze swings out of the way for when tilting is initiated. Allows the patient to reposition themselves.



Digital Inclinometer

New Design has Back lit/larger display, AAA batteries, Easy replace batteries, wing nut attachment


Nurse Call

Integrated into your central nursing system, we now have Nurse call and Bed Exit Alarm


Immersus cutout.png

Foam Mattress 

A High-Specification Pressure Redistribution Mattress designed to control static load and provide ergonomic support


Head Support

Wraps around bed frame and comes with chin and forehead support

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.41.20 PM.png

Support Straps 

Our support straps are so good our competitors use them.  The perfect blend of safety and support along with comfort and flexibility. 


Mobility Harnesses 

Vest Gives you an alternative to Go Straps for supporting the patient and doing exercises.  Allows easy transfer to Ceiling lift or other mobility devices. One size fits all. 


LAL/Alternating Pressure Mattress

Low Air Loss, Alternating Pressure, Rotation, Pulsation, Auto Adjust.  Percussion coming soon.

IV Pole .jpg

IV Poles

Iv Poles that have four-way hanger and attache at the head of the bed 


DIN Rails

Commonly referred to as DIn Rails are rails used to hang other devices like Urine bags or Ecmo pumps.

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