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Covid-19 Updates 

We make ICU Beds and more specifically a very special one that helps with ARDS patients and therefore particularly helpful for Corona Virus Patients.  


Evidence Shows 

  • Early Mobility decreases days on the ventilator by 1.5 days and ICU days by 2 for patients with ARDs  -Taito et al, 2016

  • Patients with ARDS can only tolerate a little activity at a time so little and often throughout the day is best for them


  • ​Early Mobility for patients who are ventilated can take several people which increases risk of exposure and uses of multiple sets of PPE.

  • Due to Covid-19 being airborne, minimizing movement in/out of room of equipment and caregivers  even more important

Problem Solved with Total Lift Bed (TLB)

  • Use of The TLB enables Early Mobility with 1-2 staff. The BED does the lifting. 

  • TLB facilitates Gradual, little and Often: Breathing, Upright Tolerance, Exercise

  • Minimal risk of cross-contamination of equipment 

  • Use of the TLB frees up staff to work with other patients

  • TLB removes risk of caregiver injury from physically assisting the patient to stand up















Shorten the length of stay? Please see this QI Project from the University of Texas showing a big reduction in LOS.



To get a copy of our protocol on how to use the bed specifically with respiratory patients please email.

Please share success stories.  

We can all use them.