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Covid-19 Updates 

We make ICU Beds and more specifically a very special one that helps with ARDS patients and therefore particularly helpful for Corona Virus Patients.  


Evidence Shows 

  • Early Mobility decreases days on the ventilator by 1.5 days and ICU days by 2 for patients with ARDs  -Taito et al, 2016

  • Patients with ARDS can only tolerate a little activity at a time so little and often throughout the day is best for them


  • ​Early Mobility for patients who are ventilated can take several people which increases risk of exposure and uses of multiple sets of PPE.

  • Due to Covid-19 being airborne, minimizing movement in/out of room of equipment and caregivers  even more important

Problem Solved with Total Lift Bed (TLB)

  • Use of The TLB enables Early Mobility with 1-2 staff. The BED does the lifting. 

  • TLB facilitates Gradual, little and Often: Breathing, Upright Tolerance, Exercise

  • Minimal risk of cross-contamination of equipment 

  • Use of the TLB frees up staff to work with other patients

  • TLB removes risk of caregiver injury from physically assisting the patient to stand up















Shorten the length of stay? Please see this QI Project from the University of Texas showing a big reduction in LOS.



To get a copy of our protocol on how to use the bed specifically with respiratory patients please email.

Please share success stories.  

We can all use them. 

Share your stories 

Eventhough we are growing fast and our technology is used in many of the world's most prestigious hospitals, it's still not the standard of care for most.  Please share your clinical success stories with the world so all patients can be mobile.  

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