Mobility is Medicine™

Early Mobility at the Push of a Button™

"The TLB allows you to graduate progress for patients who cannot tolerate quick changes of position, or who can only tolerate a little at a time. Tilt as much or as little as they can tolerate, and as often as they need

Mobilize Often

"The TLB is the patient's regular bed. You don't need to find a lift, or put in a sling, or find 4 of your friends! Tilt as often as the patient needs throughout the day with 1-2 caregivers, and without any strain on your backs."

Improve Outcomes

"The benefits of Early Mobility are well known”

* Animation

*VitalGo Total Lift Bed - Fox News

*”Burn Case Considered Miracle by Physicians due to TLB

*”Total Lift Bed Cartoon

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